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Droht der baldige Kollaps der mRNA-Impf-Fraktion? — Krisenfrei

Neben weiteren Enthüllungen über verheerende Impfschäden könnte ein Absturz der Corona-Aktien an der Börse das baldige Ende des Corona-Terrors einleiten. Doch die neue Demokratiebewegung muss auf der Straße bleiben. Ein Kommentar von Hermann Ploppa (apolut) Nun trat sogar Dänemarks Regierungschefin Mette Frederiksen strahlend vor die Kameras des zweiten dänischen Staatssenders, flankiert von allerlei nordischen Gesundheitsgurus.…

Droht der baldige Kollaps der mRNA-Impf-Fraktion? — Krisenfrei

Published by ontic-paraconsistency-of-aesthetically-epistemic-taxonomies

In the role of senior IT / IS Specialist, since Oct. 1988 at Politechnika Warszawska (aka Warsaw Univ. of Technology) Main Library, from 1999 till 2010 I was dealing with content-addressable / semantic networks based taxonomies indispensable in classifying all the incoming information materials in Polish, English, French, German and Russian in the subject areas of mathematics, computing and management. During a parallel stint at International Data Group Poland weekly Computerworld Polska in 1993 - 2002 I was a staff writer and journalist reporting about events of interest for CEO's and CIO's in Polish academic, commercial and industrial institutions and enterprises. Since 1985 I am interested in history of logic, mathematics and computing (history of formal sciences, including mathematical linguistics - in general). During last 15-20 years these interests coalesced into something called cognitive sciences. I am currently preparing a series of papers dealing with challenges to computationalism in philosophy of mind from the multiple standpoints offered by socially constructed (or professional communities' induced) taxonomies / ontologies / worlds / epistemologies.

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