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Published by ontic-paraconsistency-of-aesthetically-epistemic-taxonomies

In the role of senior IT / IS Specialist, since Oct. 1988 at Politechnika Warszawska (aka Warsaw Univ. of Technology) Main Library, from 1999 till 2010 I was dealing with content-addressable / semantic networks based taxonomies indispensable in classifying all the incoming information materials in Polish, English, French, German and Russian in the subject areas of mathematics, computing and management. During a parallel stint at International Data Group Poland weekly Computerworld Polska in 1993 - 2002 I was a staff writer and journalist reporting about events of interest for CEO's and CIO's in Polish academic, commercial and industrial institutions and enterprises. Since 1985 I am interested in history of logic, mathematics and computing (history of formal sciences, including mathematical linguistics - in general). During last 15-20 years these interests coalesced into something called cognitive sciences. I am currently preparing a series of papers dealing with challenges to computationalism in philosophy of mind from the multiple standpoints offered by socially constructed (or professional communities' induced) taxonomies / ontologies / worlds / epistemologies.

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